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The job market is flooded with attorneys. They are everywhere. As the Managing Partner of a Law Firm it is your job to hire an attorney with the right skills, knowledge and experience to exceed your clients’ expectations. Yet you don’t have time to sift through the pile of resumes you receive each week. In fact, the folks who are in that pile are probably not right for your firm anyway. Maybe you need a specific attorney in a specific niche with a specific background. Does this person exist? If so, how will you ever find him without spending hours and hours on research? Marko has solution to these and other challenging executive recruiting issues. He can help you find the right candidate at the right time. He can also help you navigate the maze of issues associated with recruiting sophisticated professionals. You can flounder around on your own or you can call Marko today and be certain you will fill that open position soon. Call Marko now.
October 6, 2016